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Public Transportation

FROM THE AIRPORT TO THE HOTEL or the other way round with the taxi / cab:
This is the most convenient and fastest way to the hotel. The driving time is 12 minutes only, but the charge is about 20,00 Euro.
Please make sure, that you tell the taxi driver the correct adress in Hallbergmoos, not in Munich !!!!!! - because there is an other `Theresienstrasse `in Munich !

FROM THE AIRPORT TO THE HOTEL with the public transportation:

The ticket price for both metro and the bus is 4,10 € Eper person.

From the airport, take the metro `S8´ direction to Munich.
At the second station please exit at the stop `Hallbergmoos´( driving time about 5 minutes ).
From there enter directly the bus line `698` and exit at `Bürgermeister-Gruber-Strasse´( driving time approximately 7 minutes).
From there it is about 40 m to the hotel on the main street, direction to town centre.

You´ll see the hotel on your right hand side ( Novum & Hallberger Hof )

The last bus from the metro station to the hotel leaves at 01:04 am.

FROM THE HOTEL TO THE AIRPORT with the public transportation:

The ticket price is 4,10 € in total for the bus and the metro.
The ticket you´ll get directly at the bus driver, just tell him your end target.
Total transfer time will be appr. 25 minutes including waiting time.

The busses leave every 20 Minutes as followed:

Monday-Saturday from 03:55 am to 01:04 am, on
sundays and public holidays from 04:15 am.

When you leave the hotel, please turn left.
After 40 meters you´ll find the busstop`Bürgermeister-Gruber-Strasse´.
There are 2 bus stops, opposite of each other of the street.
You can use both sides, as long as you enter the bus number 698. ( Both busses go to the metro station ).
After 7 minutes drive, you´ll arrive at the metro station `Hallbergmoos `.
There is only 1 line, please enter there, direction`Airport`.
After 6 minutes drive ( only 2 stations ) you´ll arrive at the munich airport.


We are situated only a few minutes away from the munich airport.

Concomitant with the hotel & hostel concept you have different opportunities to come to our hotel or from here to the airport, dependent on to your budget.

We do not offer a charged, somehow included hotel shuttle like some other hotels. We keep our room prices down and leave it up to you, if you prefer the cheap public transportation or if you use a taxi.

If you have your own car, there is a direct motorway approach road to hallbergmoos and we offer parking places free of charge during your stay.
Driving time by car is only 8 minutes.

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